food operations manager

Golden Oak Golf Course is searching for a Food Operations Manager which includes casual dining and events. Our ideal candidate is creative, hospitality minded and has a passion for cooking. We need a professional team member who can create a positive culture and build a team around them. This position is full time, year round with seasonal intensity. Responsibilities include:

Overseeing and Setting Up Stations - Prepping and stocking stations with all necessary products and equipment. Be able to teach, support, and motivate other team members.

Preparing Food - Supervising and cooking food to order, while upholding standards of quality and cleanliness. Respond personally to any customer questions or complaints.

Safety and Cleanliness - Label and date all food item without exception. Sanitize all work surfaces and follow all health department guidelines and safety regulations. Oversee and monitor the function and maintenance of equipment and refrigeration.

Stock and Inventory - Keep an up to date inventory and order guide. Order supplies, food, and ingredients based on rapidly shifting demands.

Skills and Experience:
• Must have culinary degree and/or 4+ years of experience.
• Ability to work well under pressure in a fast paced changing environment.
• Must have good oral and written communication skills.
• Capable of conducting inventory and assessing food cost.
• Experience with delegating tasks and maintaining a fast paced service.
• Willing to work flexible hours based on business needs.
• Short order cooking.
• Banquet/event food preparation.
• Create menus and specials.
• Scheduling staff.

Please email resume to [email protected]