Golden Oak gets its name from large white oaks that still grace the course, turning a golden hue during fall season. It's located in the scenic Windsor Valley, along the Susquehanna River as it bends toward Pennsylvania.

The original nine holes – on the lower side of the road (Rt. 79) – were built in the late 1920's by two brothers of Scottish descent, John and Jim McGinty, natives of neighboring Susquehanna, PA, who operated a small dairy and beer garden alongside their golf tract.

By the 1960's, nine more were designed on the topside of the road by Paul Kern, making the “Windsor Golf Club” fully playable as 18 holes. In the early 1990's, the club was purchased and refurbished by Dong Yew, who renamed it the "Golden Oak Golf Course".  In 2011 the course was purchased by Ken and Rebecca Ellsworth.

Golden Oak is dotted with hickory, spruce, Scots pine, ash, willow -abounded by farmland, a monastery, and the lush Susquehanna River Valley.